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I'm starting the 1/48 scale line with the same product I started the 1/72 line with...Concrete Hardstands.  The first two are rectangles, a 9" x 12" and a 12" x 15".  

2016 Update.  As with the 1/72 scale bases, I've stopped production of these due to low sales.  But also as with the smaller bases, I can still produce them on a special order basis.  Just let me know what you want and we'll work something out.


The 9x12 is suitable for single engine props and small jets such as A-4's, F-5's and T-33's.  Larger planes will fit with overhang, especially if turned diagonally.







 The 12x15 will fit a F-4 Phantom comfortably, and a F-15E set diagonally.







As you can see, I haven't included the pre-molded ground work areas. I realized they are easy enough to do yourself if you want them, and if you don't want them, now you don't have to have them!