MaxModels Decals

Before I launch into my decal spiel, I want to clear up any possibile confusion. If you are looking for Maxdecals rather than MaxModels Decals, you are in the wrong place.  You need to go to the Maxdecals website here.  The proprietor of Maxdecals, Joe Maxwell, is a very nice guy, and was worried abou there being some possible confusion between our two enterprises. Since he was trading as Maxdecals long before I started by project, I was glad that he didn't insist, or even ask, that I change the name of my business.  Thanks Joe!


Here is MaxModels first foray into decals.  I've long been fascinated by aircraft captured and tested by the Allies in WWII.  I love to see all those Me 109s, Fw 190s, Zeros, Tonys, Franks, and all the others dressed up in the Stars and Bars, or those British Roundels.  And after I missed them when Rising Decals produced their Rising Sun 2 sheet, I'd been asking Mirek when he was going to re-release it.  After about the 5th time he told me he had no plans to do it, I decided to take a different tack, and asked if I could release them under my label.

What you see here is his answer.

If the response to these re-issues is positive, I will look seriously at the 1/48 sheets.  And yes, I've got ideas stuck in my head for some original sheets as well.  I really can't promise anything in terms of timing, but if I do well with these, I definitely want to do more. 


The pricing for each sheet is:

Shipped to any USA address - $10.00

Shipped to Canada & Mexico - $13.00

Shipped to any other Country - $14.00


To see the full instructions, and order, click on the images below