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MaxModels is now...ghi models !

Ok, you've probably already read the front page, but if you didn't, for a couple of reasons, I've decided to change the name of my venture to ghi models.

And there is more breaking news...I'm buying the molds and masters for several of the C&H Aerominiature conversions.  As of now, I've committed to buying 4 sets:





I hope to have the TAV-8B in production and available by the end of the year, with the others following. If these do well, I'll look at buying more of John's line.


Dying Sun decals in 1/48 are here!

Yup, that's right.  Finally.  Dying Sun Pt 1 and Pt 2 are ready to ship.  Click on the pictures to go to the order pages!




Carrier Decks...They're finally here! In 1/72 WWII era US decks!

That's right.  I've finally got the WWII era US decks out in 1/72 scale.  The resin decks are scribed for the planking, and are mastered so that there is a channel for brass tie down strips to be glued in place.  AND, each deck includes a full set of Tom's Modelworks brass tie down strips!  All you need to supply is some primer, some paint, some inspiration, and a little time!


Wow...the response to Dying Suns is great!

Thanks to everyone who's ordered!  I'm obviously hoping to see sales continue well, and if they do, hopefully you'll see some more sheets from me.  Rest assured, they are likely to be quirky and at least a little off beat.

In the mean time, I really do have to thank Mirek at Rising Decals for giving me this opportunity to dip my toes in this pond.  Without his help, I wouldn't be here.  So if you like these two sheets, and aren't familiar with Rising Decals, do yourself a favor and go check them out.  They are great decals of some really cool subjects:

Rising Decals

And here's another great site.  If you're a fan of Japanese Aircraft, and you don't know who Nick Millman is, check out his blog, Aviation of Japan.  Nick's research is first rate, and he takes the time to dig really deep into a subject rather than just repeat what he may have read or heard somewhere else.  His PDF booklet, Painting the Early Zero-Sen, is an incredible work.  If you're looking for absolutely first rate information on Japanese aircraft, check him out:

Aviation of Japan

That's it for now,



The first two decal sheets from MaxModels are out!

I'm really excited to announce that the first two decal sheets from MaxModels are out.  They are two sheets of captured Japanese WWII aircraft that were evaluated and operated by the British and Americans.

They are also the first products I'm selling directly.

To see more, and order...CLICK HERE!