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Hi, I'm Mike Moore, the Founder and Chief Mess Maker of ghi models. I'm also the lunatic who thought it might be a good idea to start up a resin casting business. 

I got started making models as a kid, and, like a lot of us, dropped out of the hobby.  After college, and a 15 year stint racing sailboats very seriously, I relocated from the SF Bay Area, and without boats to play with all the time, I needed something to occupy my time, hands and mind.  I drove by a hobby shop in Beaverton Oregon (Tammies) and the thought occured to me to try building models again.  That was 2001. Ten years later, I've got a stash of about 300 some models (I know, peanuts to many), a BUNCH of aftermarket stuff, more reference books than I thought I'd ever have when I set up my book cases, and probably triple the number of decal sheets as models.  In other words, like most of you, I have absolutely NO HOPE of ever building it all.

As I progressed as a modeler, I started wanting to display my models on more than just a glass shelf, or the white table cloth at a show.  So I started making bases for them.  I try to find something that is unique, and also matches the subject.  And while it's fun and another way for me to enjoy the hobby, I sometimes get tired of re-inventing the wheel.  One thing I struggled with was a good, easy way to replicate concrete runways/flightlines.  I finally came up with a good way a little while back, and after a little thought, realized that while I've seen Luftwaffe plank hardstands, carrier decks, and various versions of PSP done in resin, I've never seen concrete.  I also realized that what I had shouldn't be hard to pour a mold for and cast.

Innocence is truly bliss!  But I've had a great time learning, and have had a HUGE amount of help from Rob Ervin at Formations.  In a tragic turn of events (at least to those who love Rob's work), he just recently shut down Formations, but, here I am now, starting up this little venture.

And by the way, another relocation in 2002 has resulted in the World Headquarters, Mastering Studio, and Production Campus being located in my attic in Chattanooga TN.  Impressive huh!

Thanks, and drop me a line and let me know what you think!

Mike Moore